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Get Free Inserts for Your Amplify Planner!

Would you help us spread the word?!
Would you help us by sharing our website and why you love Amplify Planner on social media?

We're a small, but growing company and we want to help as many people as we can find their #plannerpeace. 

As a way to say "thank you" for going out of your way to help us, we created some awesome PDF inserts for your Amplify Planner!

Here's what's included:
🏠  Address Book
✏️  Class Schedule
🎉  Fun Holidays
✅  Kanban Board
💭  Mind Map


1. Share the Amplify Planner website on social media in a post or story

✅ Share your reasons why you love Amplify Planner⁠
✅ Tag us & include our website⁠

2. Take a screenshot of the post (or story) you shared

3. Email the screenshot to and we'll reply with the freebies!

Want More Free Inserts?

Head to our Free Downloads page for more!!