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Galaxy Sky Amplify Planner


We do have a couple of little things to cover:

1. Please order what you said you would order from the survey we posted a couple of weeks ago! We've already ordered them so no take-backsies! 😜(We did take into account new Patron sign-ups for the couple of you that just joined!)

2. These will take 2ish weeks to manufacture so they will not ship right away! If you order other things (bundle, pocket calendar, other stuff) your order will ship out once we get the Galaxy planners in stock. 

3. If you are ordering a Bundle and would like to swap out your Q1 planner for a Galaxy planner please email Ian at hello@amplifyplanner.com with your order number. ONLY ORDER THE BUNDLE! Do not order both the bundle AND the Galaxy planner but please email Ian right away so he can accommodate.
4. These are a LIMITED EDITION PATREON ONLY offer! We only have a limited stock of these beauties and they are to be used by YOU and YOU alone! Do not order this cover for someone else to use! YOU ARE THE STAR! 

5. This is our first rodeo... so please be patient with us! If you have ANY questions feel free to email us at hello@amplifyplanner.com. 



This planner has a Sunday start monthly layout and a Monday start weekly layout.

It is dated January-March 2022. 




  • 3-month quarterly planner
  • Monthly, weekly, and daily layouts
  • Option of horizontal or vertical weekly layout
  • 2022-2023 Year at a Glance
  • 2022-2023 Common USA holidays
  • 12-month Special Dates pages
  • 3-month goal setting pages
  • 3-month goal review pages
  • 10 extra pages of dot-grid in the back
  • 2 pocket folder in the back
  • Made in the USA



  • Size: 7x10"
  • Width: 1/2 inch
  • Weight: 1.0 lbs
  • Coil: Metal
  • Paper: 80# bright white
  • Tabs: Mylar coated
  • Cover Material: Synthetic paper


For additional information see our FAQ page.

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