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Four Surprising Reasons Why Using a Mid-Year Planner Can Change Your Planning Game

The New Year is often seen as a fresh start, a time to set resolutions and create goals and habits. And with that, many people turn to January planners to help them stay organized and on track. However, have you ever considered starting a planner in July instead?

It may seem counterintuitive, but using a mid-year planner can actually have surprising benefits that can change your planning game!

✨ Surprising Advantages of a Mid-Year Planner 



1. More Effective & Insightful Goal Setting

By this point, you've had six months of the year under your belt, which gives you a better sense of what is and isn't working. The weather is also likely to be nice so you're naturally in a brighter mood to be able to effectively goal set versus setting goals in the dead of Winter.


2. Great for Students, Teachers, & Parents

One of the more obvious reasons to choose a mid-year planner is if you're in academia or even have a kid (or kids) in school. A mid-year planner is an excellent tool for helping students, teachers, and parents alike to stay on top of assignments, schedules, extra-curricular activities, part-time jobs, etc.


3. Have More Motivation, Clarity, & Energy

It's easy to lose steam early on in the year after the New Year energy has finally worn off. With a July start planner, you're able to establish a firm foundation and routine before all of the craziness of the holidays and new year hits.


4. Start Fresh Whenever You Want!

If you've been considering switching to a yearly planner but don't want to wait until January, you can start fresh now!



Choosing a mid-year planner that starts in July is a surprising and innovative way to become and stay organized as a student, teacher, small-business owner, or someone who needs a planner to focus on their goals.

A mid-year planner can allow you to be more flexible with plans, reassess your goals, maximize your time, stay motivated, and ultimately plan at a time when you naturally have more energy and insights.

Don't overlook these potential benefits – consider opting for a planner that starts in July and see how it can transform your planning game! 

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