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Our Favorite Planning Tools & Accessories!

Our Favorite Planning Tools & Accessories!

We're so excited to share our list of favorite planning accessories and tools with you! Whether you're new to planning or you've been planning for years, we've got something for you! You might be surprised to find a few new things on our list that you've never heard of before!


All of the products are linked for easy access/binge ordering 😉 and some links are affiliate links.


Let's dig in!




pens for planning and writing


There are SO many pens on the market, we couldn't possibly cover all of them. So instead, we wanted to share our all time favorite pens. Each of these pens writes smoothly and dries instantly on the Amplify Planner paper. You don't have to worry about bleeding, ghosting, or smudging!



Want to see the boat-load of pens we tested on the Amplify Planner paper? Check out our Pen Test Video on YouTube!





crayola supertips next to amplify planner


We'd also be remiss if we didn't mention our favorite highlighters and markers!


  • Crayola Supertips - Come in about a million color options! The tip allows you to create thick or thin lines depending on pressure and angle.
  • Zebra Mildliners (not pictured) - Also have a bunch of color options (not AS many as the Supertips). They're double sided with a chisel tip AND fine point tip.


Both of these markers have endless ways you can use them; highlighting, doodling, coloring, writing, accenting spreads with color, etc.!






slice precision cutter next to amplify planner

Slice Precision Cutter


This tool has a tiny little blade at the end that's perfect for cutting things like washi tape! You can also use it to trim stickers that might be a little too long for the space you're wanting to place them.


Don't be fooled by the small blade size, this thing packs a punch and can also draw blood if it feels threatened. 😂 




silhouette spatula

Silhouette Spatula


This little tool is worth its weight in gold!! If you've never used it, you'll wonder how you ever planned without it. We like to use it for placing stickers or even removing stickers!


Just like most planner tools, this has endless functionalities beyond stickers. This spatula can help you lift the edge on something your fingernail just can't get to. It's also decently sharp with a thin edge, which makes it good for scraping things like price tag stickers off of merchandise (for example). But be careful not to scratch anything!




planner pencil guard

Pencil Guard Writing Board


This is super helpful if you're someone that likes to use stickers regularly. You're probably all too familiar with lumps and bumps as you write across your pages. Since there are so many stickers on previous spreads, it creates an uneven writing surface on fresh pages.


Pencil Guard to the rescue!! This guard is placed between pages so you can have a smooth writing surface. It also helps to prevent bleeding on any previous pages if you're using a juicy pen or marker.




tombow correction tape white out

Tombow Mono Mini Correction Tape


There's a lot of correction tape and white out on the market, but Tombow is definitely our favorite! Once you lay it down you can write on it instantly, no drying time necessary!


They also offer the applicator in two sizes, we've linked to the mini version which is perfect to take with you in your purse or backpack.






amplify planner snap in bookmark

Amplify Planner Snap-In Bookmark


This handy-dandy bookmark easily snaps in and out of the coil of your Amplify Planner. Quickly locate your place in your planner! It also doubles as a ruler so you can measure all the things!


It's also a great tool to create straight lines and edges with pens and highlighters as you plan your day.

Spoiler Alert! We have brand new ruler options releasing March 2022! 🤫




planner diaper tote

Diaper Tote (AKA Planner Tote)


This tote is a GAME CHANGER! Although it's "technically" a diaper tote, it can be used for planning and crafting too! The inside compartments are very large and the separator can be easily removed since it's attached with velcro. The entire outside of the tote is also lined with pockets - giving our jeans a run for their money!


It holds so much stuff so you can easily transport your planning tools and accessories to different rooms or floors of your house! No more trying to pile it all into your hands and dropping things everywhere for the cat to play with.




pomodoro timer next to amplify planner

Pomodoro Timer


If you need help staying on task this is a great productivity hack!


Just set the timer and focus on one task until it runs out. This also doubles as a clock and alarm clock.




That's a wrap!

How'd you like these tools and accessories we shared? We'd love to hear what your favorites are!


Drop your favorites in the comments and we'll include it on the next favorites blog!


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