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Spring: The Perfect Season for Goal Setting

Spring: The Perfect Season for Goal Setting

Spring is in the air which means it's time for a fresh start!

We think Spring is one of the best time of year for goal setting, even more so than New Year's.

It's the perfect time to revisit your goals and set new ones! Not only because we're starting a new quarter, but also because there's a natural energy and refresh that happens when Spring finally arrives. So you're already primed for setting new goals.

If you've never thought of Spring and goal setting as going hand in hand, we may just change your perspective on the season! We've also got some helpful tips on how to get the most out of your Q2 goal setting.


4 Reasons Why Spring is the Perfect Season for Goal Setting


1. Revisit Your Quarterly Goals

The New Year's energy has finally wore off and you're into the swing of your day to day routine. This is a perfect time to revisit your goals and see how they're coming along. You may have unintentionally set a goal on the backburner, so now you can revisit and refresh your intention! Not only that, but maybe some things have shifted in your life the first quarter of the year and you need to make some tweaks for the new quarter.


2. Get Active, Inside and Outside

Melt those Winter blues away with Spring sunshine and some Spring cleaning! If you've been cooped up in the house to avoid the cold, get outside and get refreshed! Sunshine and fresh hair helps you to feel motivated, energized, and refreshed. And with more sunshine on the way in the coming weeks, you'll naturally orient your mind toward new goals and dreams.

You can also work on some cleaning and organizing projects in the house to refresh your spaces. Mix it up and change your living room or office layout as we go into this new season!


3. A Fresh Start Without the Pressure

The new year always creates a frenzy of pressure to dream big and set big goals. And while there's nothing wrong with big goals, sometimes it can be daunting. Spring is a great time to set new goals since you don't have all the New Year's pressure sitting on your shoulders.

Spring can also help you keep life in perspective and allow you to focus on the current quarter, versus setting intentions for an entire year.


4. You Still Have the Whole Year to Hit Your Goals

You've made it through the first part of the year and now you feel like you can breathe a little. If you were a little overzealous with your goals at beginning of the year, now you can break them into smaller steps and spread them through the new quarter.

There's also so much time left before the end of the year, so nothing will feel rushed. You can set those big goals and comfortably make steps towards making them happen!

Want to take your goal setting to the next level? 

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