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Q2 2022 Planner Color Psychology: What Your Cover Color Choice Might Say About You

Q2 2022 Planner Color Psychology: What Your Cover Color Choice Might Say About You


It's time to dig into Q2 color psychology!

We've researched and written up profiles for each of the new colors. Read on to see what each cover color represents!



 Q2 2022 Planner Color Psychology


aster amplify planner


Intuitive, friendly, and energetic. 🤩

You have a unique ability to lead with both your head and your heart. Because of this, you tend to have healthy, stable emotions.

People enjoy being around your energetic presence. You tend to make friends easily because you're so approachable and easy to communicate with. You're also a great problem solver and love helping people find solutions.⁠ Not only that, people are wiling to hear your guidance and suggestions since you offer them in a gentle and unassuming manner.

In school, you were probably a great study buddy because of your natural ability to concentrate. You're also very organized and like having an orderly home with space to work and relax in.

Every personality has its shadow and yours comes in the form of loneliness. You don't like being alone and can unintentionally come off as clingy. It's probably just because you get so much joy out of lifting up others around you - it fills you up! But remember, it's ok to be alone some of the time and it's actually healthy.



 dahlia amplify planner


Graceful, persevering, and unique. 🌸⁠

You're not usually associated with "unlikable" qualities, but you can sometimes be a little irresponsible, despite your good intentions. We're talking about small things, like buying another planner because you "need" it. 😜

You're seen as someone that is always moving forward, never backward. Always striving and pushing yourself to be better. Some may even say you're ahead of your time.

People find you to be unique and admire your ability to always be yourself, never worrying about what other people might think. Which makes people feel like they don't have to be shy around you, they feel comfortable to be themselves too.

You're definitely an extrovert and an individualist. You like standing out from the crowd, never wishing to blend in. Your wardrobe may be a direct reflection of these personality traits as you most likely have quite a few statement pieces you enjoy wearing to express yourself.




juniper amplify planner


Invigorating, calming, and refreshing. 🌲⁠

You're a bit of a paradox because you have a calming yet invigorating presence about you. You're good at eliminating chaos such as extinguishing a heated argument or restructuring a dysfunctional management system. 

You have a healthy relationship with your feelings and can sit with your emotions without being uncomfortable, which doesn't come easy for most people. Because of this, you encourage others to be more sentimental and feel their emotions instead of trying to avoid them. Which may lead you to a profession in mental health.

It's important that you find ways to feel refreshed, like spending time in nature. 
If you're not careful, your inspiring presence can easily turn to sorrow or hopelessness. Because you're able to sit with you emotions and feel them deeply you need space to process them. 

Learning new things might be one of your favorite hobbies. And finding new ways to stay healthy is very important to you. In your spare time you might be found making an impact by giving back to your community.


 snapdragon amplify planner


Virtuous, strong, and playful. 🤗

You're the kind of person people instantly fall in love with when they meet you. You ooze delight, enthusiasm, and warmth and people just can't get enough of your energy. You can very literally alter the atmosphere of a room with your presence.

On the opposite hand, some people might perceive you as superficial. This is probably because they don't know you well enough yet and aren't used to meeting people that are so sure of themselves.

People quickly learn that you have a lot of internal strength. Which also makes you good at navigating challenging situations with grace. 
You live by high moral standards, which lets people know they can always trust you.⁠

You've got a playful side and friends love your spontaneous attitude. You might be known as a thrill-seeker or adrenaline junkie, always facing your fears and looking for the next adventure.


What do you think of these color profiles? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


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