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Q4 Planner Color Psychology: What Your Cover Color Choice Might Say About You

Q4 Planner Color Psychology: What Your Cover Color Choice Might Say About You

Check out the color psychology profiles for each of our Q4 2021 cover colors and see if they match with your personality!

Each quarter brings a whole new set of cover colors to the Amplify Planner lineup!

If you're struggling with the decision of which planner to get, the color psychology profiles below might just help you out! 🤗

Or, if you already purchased your planner, you might be wondering what your planner color choice might say about your personality! 🤩

Read on to see what each cover color represents!



 Q4 Planner Color Psychology

 royal purple q4 2021 amplify planner


Royal Purple


Royal Purple is representative of being regal, brave, and exotic. 💜

It's a combination of red and blue, pulling in passion and power from red and stability and calmness from blue.

People either really like purple or...they don't. It's a color that doesn't occur very often in nature, so it can seem exotic to some or artificial to others. Hence why some people might have polarizing views about your personality. You might often be seen as an independent person with an air of mystery about you.

You're introspective and young at heart, and have an imaginative spirit about you. And all polarization aside, people feel that you are sensitive and compassionate.⁠ 



emerald green q4 2021 amplify planner 


Emerald Green

The color green represents balance, growth, and harmony. 💚⁠

You might be seen as someone who is generous and well-balanced. In general, people feel calm and relaxed when they're around you. Those closest to you might say that you're supportive, a good listener, and love unconditionally. And just like nature, people are drawn to your rejuvenating presence.⁠

On the flip side, green can also be associated with some less desirable traits such as envy or jealousy. Everyone experiences these emotions at some point, and your generally calm and relaxed nature probably means you don't hold onto these emotions for very long.

Green can also be representative of motivation and success. Just because you're a laid back person doesn't mean you don't love to hustle.



carmine red q4 2021 amplify planner

Carmine Red

The color red is associated with passion, power, and confidence. ❤️

Similar to royal purple being polarizing, red can be seen as very intense and passionate. People are drawn to your passionate and energetic personality.

If you choose this color you might be seen as someone that is confident, determined, and a natural leader. Because of this, you might also be someone that easily draws people to you without even trying. 

On the other hand, sometimes people might find you hard to read. Since you have opposing emotional traits between passion, love, and anger, you can jump from each emotion fairly quickly, which might throw people off.

Overall though, once people get to know you, they understand that you're someone that just feels emotions very deeply and expresses them openly.




 berry q4 2021 amplify planner




Berry is often viewed as ambitious, creative, and beautiful. 💗⁠⁠

You might be seen as someone with a sophisticated air about you. It may be because you tend to enjoy the finer things in life. You value and celebrate your individuality, yet people close to you would say that you are thoughtful.

You might also find that people often come to you for your expertise on a subject. You have high ambition and achieve most things you set out to do, thanks in part to your responsible nature.

People might view you as someone who is generally serious in nature, meaning they wouldn't see you as the type to just cut loose. Your introverted personality may play a role in this and there's nothing wrong with that!



charcoal q4 2021 amplify planner 


Ahh charcoal...a color that is timeless, practical, and strong.⁠

If you're a fan of charcoal you may be someone that sees themselves as dependable, practical, calm, and responsible. You're a hard worker that is committed to their work.⁠

People who like charcoal are generally calm in their composure and can provide a sense of stability in a chaotic world. 
Friends may often come to you for mature and insightful advice.⁠

⁠Of course, there are always two sides to every coin. To some, you may also be perceived as unemotional or detached (at times). Most likely when you've got your head down, being responsible and focused on work.



Do you feel like these profiles accurately described your personality based on the cover color you chose?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments!



🛒 🛒  If this helped you decide which Q4 planner to get, head over to the Shop page now to order your planner!  🛒 🛒



  • Posted by Lisa on

    Q4 2021 colors are all amazing and it’s the first time where I didn’t have an automatic “I WANT THAT ONE” moment because I want them all!

  • Posted by Lisa on

    Love the colours and descriptions! Here’s another perspective: your choice could represent what you most want to have, do, be, or feel for that quarter ie. What’s your theme?

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