Q2 Planner Color Psychology: What Your Cover Color Choice Might Say About You

Do you wonder what your planner color choice for Q2 might mean? 🤔

Or maybe you still haven't decided which Q2 planner color is the perfect fit for you? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Whichever boat you find yourself in, we've broken down each Q2 color by their specific color psychology below!


coral q2 amplify planner


Coral is associated with being friendly and emotionally intelligent. It's a combination of pink, red, and orange which represents femininity, optimism and energy. 🤩


If you chose this color, you might be seen as outgoing, approachable, cheery, and trendy. People may feel comfortable being vulnerable around you and feel like they can "open up".


On the flip side, some may see you as childish or irresponsible because you tend to rely on your intuition and trusting your gut rather than being practical in your decision making. But that doesn't mean trusting your gut is "wrong". More often than not, your decision ends up being the right one, so it all tends to work out in the end.



leaf green q2 amplify planner


Leaf Green


The color green represents balance, harmony, nature, and growth.⁠ 🌱


Green also helps people to feel rested and secure, spending some much needed time in nature can evoke these feelings since you're surrounded by so much greenery.


People who like green tend to be natural peacemakers, have a strong sense of right and wrong, and are also generous, loving to share with others.⁠


Green is also associated with the less desirable trait, envy. Ever heard the saying, "green with envy"? Although, because you're often more focused on harmony and growth for yourself and others, envy doesn't tend to show up for you very often.




tangerine q2 amplify planner



The color combination of yellow and red for this color represents feelings of happiness, energy, and youthfulness. 

If you're drawn to this color then you might be extroverted, adventurous, optimistic, and warm-hearted, just to name a few key traits!⁠ 

You may be known as someone who is a natural encourager and loves motivating people. On the other hand, you may also be someone who tends to be indecisive and impatient. 🙈 But we can all get like that sometimes, so it's not just you!




charcoal q2 amplify planner


Ahh charcoal...a color that is timeless, practical, and strong.⁠

If you're a fan of charcoal you may be someone that sees themselves as dependable, practical, calm, and responsible. You're a hard worker that is committed to their work.⁠

People who like charcoal are generally calm in their composure and can provide a sense of stability in a chaotic world.

⁠Of course, there are always two sides to every coin. To some, you may also be perceived as unemotional or detached (at times). Most likely when you've got your head down, being responsible and focused on work.




mauve q2 amplify planner




Simply stated: decadent, youthful, & feminine.⁠


If you've chosen Mauve as your color for Q2, you may be seen (and see yourself) as a hopeless romantic.💞


An idealistic thinker who tends to be introverted and reserved in character, with a compassionate and generous demeanor towards others. People feel heard by you because you don't find their innovative ideas as weird.

Mauve can also be associated with being distant or withdrawn. But it's probably because you're thinking deeply about something.



What do you think, were these profiles fairly accurate or no?⁠

Share your thoughts with us in the comments!



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