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Q3 & Undated Planner Color Psychology: What Your Cover Color Choice Might Say About You

Q3 & Undated Planner Color Psychology: What Your Cover Color Choice Might Say About You

Now you have the choice between a dated or undated planner, which also means you now have 8 total color options to choose from. If you still haven't decided which planner to get, these color psychology profiles might just help you out!

This quarter brought a few new products to the Amplify Planner lineup. Now you have the choice between a dated or undated planner, which also means you now have 8 total color options to choose from. 😳

If you still haven't decided which planner to get, the color psychology profiles below might just help you out! 🤗

And if you already purchased your planner, you might be wondering what your planner color choice might say about your personality! 🤩

Read on to see what each cover color represents!



 Q3 Planner Color Psychology


ocean teal amplify planner

Ocean Teal


Ocean teal is associated with being intuitive, open-minded, and unique. It's a combination of green and blue pulling trust and loyalty from the blue hues and harmony and balance from the green hues.

If you chose this color then you may be someone that has artistic or creative qualities. You value your individuality and don't necessarily go with the crowd. You take calculated risks and aren't generally seen as impulsive. People may also feel calm in your presence.

On the flip side, since you're not one for being impulsive some may see you as apprehensive. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing! You can definitely teach those who are very spontaneous the art of being intentional and thoughtful in decision making, as well as learn a little spontaneity from them!




peach sorbet amplify planner

Peach Sorbet

The color peach represents being friendly, cheerful & confident.

If you're drawn to this color you may have been told before that you're an excellent communicator. People may also see you as being a very positive person, often being a breath of fresh air in difficult moments. Your friends feel a sense of care and comfort in your friendship.

This color combines the optimism and adventure of orange and the positivity and individuality of coral. Like all colors, there are also some negative traits associated with peach. Sometimes people may see you as immature or superficial. But we think that might just be because you're generally cheerful and confident (more than most people) and people aren't always used to that - but that's just our opinion. 😉




electric blue amplify planner

Electric Blue

The color blue is associated with being inspiring, sincere, and intense.

If you're someone that likes the color blue people may see you as orderly and stable. Some may also say you are intense at times, much like the intense blue hues that stormy skies or water can bring.

There's also a dichotomy with the color blue though. Blue is viewed as being calm or serene but also has tendencies of being tense or sad. Another reason why people may see you as intense. Much like the ocean, the traits of your personality spread deep and wide.

Overall though, blue is a well-liked color and people perceive you as being trustworthy, caring and dependable.




hot pink amplify planner

Hot Pink

Pink is often viewed as a joyful, vivacious, and refreshing color.

You may be seen as someone that is passionate and optimistic. At parties or social gatherings you're very friendly and inviting and will talk with just about anyone.

People feel that you are nurturing and sensitive to their needs. Your personality may be well suited to a career in caregiving.

You tend to be emotional in character, wearing your heart on your sleeve. Which often times can lead to having your own feelings easily hurt. This is probably just a reflection of how deep you tend to feel and experience emotions compared to most people.



 Undated Planner Color Psychology

charcoal undated amplify planner 


Ahh charcoal...a color that is timeless, practical, and strong.⁠

If you're a fan of charcoal you may be someone that sees themselves as dependable, practical, calm, and responsible. You're a hard worker that is committed to their work.⁠

People who like charcoal are generally calm in their composure and can provide a sense of stability in a chaotic world. 
Friends may often come to you for mature and insightful advice.⁠

⁠Of course, there are always two sides to every coin. To some, you may also be perceived as unemotional or detached (at times). Most likely when you've got your head down, being responsible and focused on work.




teal undated amplify planner


The color teal represents tranquility, optimism, and independence. ⁠

People who are drawn to the color teal are generally even-tempered, thoughtful, and creative. You might be seen as someone who appreciates unconventional things.

You don't generally jump to conclusions and aren't quick to judge others. Friends may say you are empathetic and have a high trust for others.

Being that you have a thoughtful nature, you may intentionally come off as standoffish, but it's probably just because they caught you in a moment where you're deep in thought.




violet undated amplify planner


Violet combines the energy of red with the calming effect of blue, creating characteristics of being eccentric, self-aware, and compassionate.

You may be someone who is very well-liked because you are seen as being authentic. People often view you as wise and sensitive - someone who is very intuitive. You might also tend to fall into the category of being introverted.

On the other side, people might sometimes think you're timid or arrogant. This is most likely because of your introverted nature and self-awareness of knowing exactly who you are - which can sometimes be intimidating to people.




What do you think, were these profiles fairly accurate or no?⁠

Share your thoughts with us in the comments!



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