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Q3 2022 Color Psychology: What Your Cover Color Choice Might Say About You

Q3 2022 Color Psychology: What Your Cover Color Choice Might Say About You


It's time to dig into Q3 color psychology!

We've researched and written up profiles for each of the new colors. Read on to see what each cover color represents!



 Q3 2022 Planner Color Psychology

pineapple july-september amplify planner



Inquisitive, cheerful, and illuminating. 🍍⁠

You light up a room with your energy - communicating and networking come naturally to you.⁠

You're someone that always welcomes a good challenge. It probably stems from the fact that you tend to be analytical and focused, weighing all the options before you make decisions. 

However, you're a bit of a paradox because you're methodical in your decision making, but sometimes you can also be impulsive.

Since you tend to be very analytical you may be very self critical and sometimes critical of others. You're very selective with your friends and relationships because you're highly independent. Always on the go and moving quickly, you need people who can keep up!

People love coming to you for help because you love coming up with new ideas and new ways of doing things. You definitely thrive in a team setting at work.



 bora bora july-september amplify planner

Bora Bora

Vibrant, enduring, and refreshing. 🏖⁠

⁠You have a natural ability to help others feel secure and relaxed.

Definitely extroverted, you love meeting new people and experiencing new things. Your favorite place to spend time is in nature, whether hiking, camping, or going for scenic drives.

Family and friends are a big deal to you, you always take extra care in maintaining those relationships. Those close to you also love that you're a good listener.

You have a creative side and are open-minded in your conversations. Friends would say you have a high need for achievement, but you never let that get in the way of your relationships.⁠


maldives july-september amplify planner


Orderly, inspiring, and serene. 🐠⁠

Whether at work or in personal relationships, people know they can rely on you to do the right thing in difficult times. People probably come to you often for wisdom and insight on issues they might be facing.

You're known for being productive and orderly. Your planner is always close by to keep you on track. With that being said, change can be a little harder for you than most people.

Self-care comes naturally to you since you prioritize physical and mental relaxation. Which is something we could all stand to learn from you!

You inspire those close to you to be better versions of themselves and you offer them an emotionally calming presence when they're under stress.⁠


 mykonos july-september 2022 amplify planner


Neutral, dependable, & conservative. ⭐️⁠

You have an uncanny ability to rise above any problem by relying on your internal strength. 
Your friends would say that you're ethical, trustworthy, and generally introverted.

Some might find your interests boring since you'd most likely be found reading, listening to a podcast, or researching a topic you're interested in. However, you're highly intellectual and seen as someone that has a lot of wisdom, which you love sharing with others. It's probably from all that time you spend doing "boring" things!

In social situations you're sort of a chameleon, being able to adapt to the energy of others. This also unintentionally helps people feel calm and comfortable in your presence.


What do you think of these color profiles? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


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